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Top 5 Ways to Save on Gas in Your Buy Here Pay Here Car

Getting the Most for Your Money at the Gas Pumps in Your Used Car in Kansas City

a man's hand hold a gas pump a car's tank

As gas prices continue to rise, we’re all looking for ways to reduce the cost of running our vehicles. Choosing a great, economical vehicle from a buy here pay here car dealership is the easiest way to quickly reduce your weekly gas bill.

But there are additional steps you can take to save even more on gas as you drive your used car around Kansas City.

Reduce Your Vehicle’s Weight

The heavier your car, the more gas it uses. For every extra 100 pounds of weight, your fuel economy drops by about 1 percent. So, what you're carrying around in the back of your vehicle can make a difference to your fuel bills. There may be things in your car that you don't need, such as athletic equipment or storage bins. You will want to remove these before any long trip.

Racks or storage on the top or rear of your vehicle are also subject to this rule. In addition to weighing down your vehicle, these can make your vehicle less aerodynamic, decreasing efficiency.

Park Smartly

When it comes to gas, even your parking habits have an impact. Where you keep your car affects how much gas it uses, especially on extra-hot or super-cold days in Kansas City.

For example, driving with a cold engine will lower your gas mileage between 15 and 24 percent. Keep your engine warm by parking in a garage rather than on the street during cold weather, if possible.

At the other end of the spectrum, it's possible to avoid turning on the air conditioner - or run it only on very low - by parking in a shady spot during hot weather.

Interestingly, it’s usually not worth trying to find that perfect parking spot when you’re at your destination. Americans spend an average of 17 hours a year looking for parking, which costs a lot in gas. When you get to your location, don't hesitate to take the first parking spot you come across so you can switch off your engine and conserve gas.

Reduce Idling Time

Reduce the amount of time your used car’s engine is idling. Idling uses up to half a gallon of gas every hour. If you’re stuck in traffic, sitting in the drive-through, or waiting for someone to join you, cutting the engine is the best option.

Turning off your engine instead of idling can save you up to four cents per minute, depending on your engine size and your AC or heating usage.

Limit Your Air Conditioning Usage

When it comes to saving money on gas, warm weather is both a pro and a con.

The heat can help your engine warm up more quickly, which can lead to better fuel efficiency. But with air conditioning turned on, driving in hot weather can lower fuel economy by up to 25 percent. This is one of the most significant factors in a vehicle’s consumption of fossil fuels. On the other hand, driving with your windows down increases your vehicle's wind resistance, wasting gas.

It’s important to avoid idling your car with the air conditioner on full blast when you start it up. When you're driving, the AC usually cools off faster. Keep the usage of your AC to when you’re driving at highway speeds. At slower speeds, it’s better to just roll the windows down.

Of course, remember to set your fan and temperature controls to their most efficient levels rather than using the highest settings by default.

Drive Your Used Car in Kansas City Slowly and Steadily

Maintaining a constant pace and coasting more is safer as other drivers have more time to react. It’s also better for your fuel economy.

If you're approaching a red light, coast to a stop instead of waiting until the last moment to hit the brakes. Refrain from aggressively accelerating as soon as the light changes to green, too.

You can increase your fuel economy by up to 40 percent by following safe driving practices, depending on your speed and how often you stop and go. This can save something like $1.60 per gallon, making a huge difference to your annual fuel bill.

Upgrade to a More Fuel Efficient Used Car in Kansas City

Your older vehicle simply cannot get as good fuel economy as a nicer, newer vehicle can. If you notice that no matter what you do, your gas mileage is too low, it’s time to upgrade.

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